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Aceso Remedial Massage is dedicated to providing quality Remedial and Relaxation massage, as well as Spa treatments to the residents of Ballarat, Wendouree, and the surrounding districts. Our quiet location in Wendouree provides that extra level of relaxation, without the traffic of central Ballarat.

Remedial Massage can assist with a number of muscular problems including;

~ Back, Neck and Shoulder pain

~ Tension Headaches and Migraines

~ Sporting Injuries

~ Repetitive Strain injuries

Relaxation Massage can assist in keeping those daily stresses at bay, and is a perfect way to help you unwind and distress, which in turn promotes relaxation and general well-being. Relaxation massage can:

~ Improve Circulation

~ Lower Anxiety and Stress

~ Relieve Tension

~ Relieve Fatigue and Tiredness

Massage will change your life for the better. It has both immediate and long-term benefits, and can improve your health on every level.